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21700 battery

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The Avatar 21700 is a flat topped cell with a 4000mAh capacity and a 30A continuous discharge current. The Avatar is also design to last, and after 1000 charge cycles, should still retain 80% of its capacity. It also comes with an installed IC chip design to prevent the battery pack from overcharge or over-discharge. 


WARNING - By purchasing this battery, you confirm you are competent with high powered devices. 

Do not leave batteries charging unattended

Do not have batteries loose when not in a device or charger. They must be kept in a case to prevent shortages against loose articles. Cases can be purchased HERE.

The Vapour Co. cannot be held responsible for any incidents arising from battery misuse/lack of care.

Please also note that due to Royal Mail postage restrictions, we unfortunately cannot post batteries on their own. They must be purchased with a kit or mod. Failure to do this may result in your order being cancelled. The Vapour Co. apologises for any inconveniences this may cause. 

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