Knowledge Base

Battery / Mod

This is the part of the device that provides the power to vapourise the e-liquid. These can range in size, power, and capacity. The are normally charged through USB and should never be charged from a phone or tablet charger. Doing so will void your warranty and could severely and/or permanently damage your device.


Tank / clearomiser

The tank or clearo (clearomiser) is the part of the device that holds the e-liquid and coil. These are usually made from glass, or sometimes plastic. Sometimes they will need to be unscrewed and filled from the bottom. Other times, they can be filled from the top with a screw cap or sliding mechanism. Tanks may also have an AFC (air flow control) which adjusts the resistance of the draw and means you may need to pull harder to get a satisfying vape.


Coil / atomiser / burner / element ....

The coil or atomiser is the heating element inside the tank. This is the part that actually vapourises the liquid so you can inhale it. It is usually a coil of resistance wire that, when a sufficient voltage is applied, will heat up. The coil is usually wrapped in a type of cotton that acts as the wicking material and feeds the e-liquid to the coil. Sometimes, coils are made differently, through use of a ceramic element or some other heating mechanism, but usually the are made from Stainless Steel, NiChrome, Nickle, Titanium, or most commonly, Kanthal. Mesh coils are becoming more popular and these work in exactly the same way as a normal coil, however, instead of being a coil of wire, they are made from a mesh; giving more surface area for the liquid to be vapourised, increasing the flavour and amount of vapour produced.


Sub ohm

Sub ohm is when a coils resistance is lower than 1Ω (ohm). This usually, but not always, mean the device/tank is designed to be used DTL and produces big clouds of vapour



DTL stands for Direct To Lung and is a way of inhaling vapour  using an e-cigarette. The way you inhale direct to lung is similar to the way you would use an inhaler, by inhaling or breathing in straight through the device.



MTL stands for Mouth To Lung and is a different way of inhaling vapour using an e-cigarette. This way is a lot more common for people first starting out with vaping as it is the same way most people use a normal cigarette. To do this, you suck the vapour into your mouth like you would use a straw, and then once you have finished pulling on the e-cigarette, you inhale which gives a much stronger hit to the back of the throat as all the vapour hits it at once.



PG means Propylene Glycol and is one of the main ingredients in e-liquid. PG is also used in food, drinks, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. PG makes the e-liquid thinner enabling it for use in MTL devices, and provides a stronger throat hit, closer simulating a real cigarette. Sometimes users may find they get irritations, spots, or dry skin when taking up vaping, and this can be indicative of a PG intolerance. If you suspect this is the case, you should stop using the e-liquid and consult a medical professional. 

VG is Vegetable Glycerin and is the other main ingredient in e-liquid. VG is also used in food, drinks, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It has a sweeter taste than PG and thickens e-liquids; making them ideal for higher powered devices. 



A short fill is a bottle of e-liquid, often 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml, or 200ml, that contains no nicotine due to the government regulations that came in to force in 20th May 2016. The directive states the new requirements restrict the maximum volume of nicotine-containing e-liquid for sale in one refill container to 10ml. This means that in order for us to sell larger bottles of e-liquid, they must contain no nicotine and if the user requires nicotine, they must add it themselves. Shortfill bottles are usually not filled to the top, leaving a space for the nicotine to be added.


Drip tip

The part of the device you put your lips on. Standard drip tips are either 510 or 810 sizes.


510 connection

The name of the connector you screw the tank into. You can also get an ego type connection on older style pens.


Voltage (V)

The voltage sent to the coil to heat the e-liquid. Higher voltage means more vapour, more flavour, more nicotine, and warmer vapour. Setting the voltage too high can lead to a burnt taste and could burn out your coil prematurely.


Power (W)

The wattage you set your battery to. The battery or mod will automatically calculate the voltage for you. 


18650 / 20700 / 21700

This is a type of battery that is user replacable. They should be charged in a designated charger and not in the e-cigarette mod. The numbers correspond to the dimensions of the battery the first 2 being the diameter and the second 2 being the length. Make sure when purchasing your batteries, you buy the correct size for your device and ensure you have the appropriate means of charging it/them. When using multiple batteries together, they should always be a 'married' set. This means you buy the batteries at the same time, charge them together, and use them together. Batteries should not be added to a set of married batteries and if you use the battery on its own, it must then be kept on its own.